Flux cored arc welding

In view of operational action and equipments, the flux cored arc welding or FCAW is similar welding process of metal inert gas or MIG welding.


arc welding method is fully automatic or semi automatic. A consumable flux coated tubular electrode is continuously fed into the welding joint. To producing an arc, a constant current or voltage supply is required.

In this welding process may be or may not be used a shielding gas, because the electrode contains itself a flux coated. In the time of welding the consumable electrode is fused and flux also fused same time. So fused flux itself make an atmospheric shielding gas, which prevents inclusion of atmospheric harmful gases. This welding process is widely used vassal construction industries, because it has large rate of metal deposition.  

For getting good mechanical properties of weld joint, the environment should be wind free. Otherwise shielding of welding zone will be broken. Generally it produces less weld defect joint. Produced slag is easily removed from weld joint.


The main disadvantage is the weld joint is not visible due to it producing excessive smoke. So how is the weld joint is made, it is only predictable operation. It need also high skilled operator. It has consumable electrode is costlier than other welding process.


The main advantage of this welding process is it has no need of any kind of shielding gas. The welding speed is high and metal deposit rate is also high. The weld surface may not need clean properly.




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Flux cored arc welding

Flux cored arc welding principle diagram

Flux cored arc welding principle diagram