Electro slag welding

The electro slag welding is group of an arc welding process. The electro slag welding define as, a welding process where weld joint is made by molten slag, which produce a heat and melt the filler metal or electrode and work piece which to be weld.

This welding process first invented in Russia. After it has been developed in many countries in different time.


Electro slag welding principle:


A piece of steel wool is placed between the electrode and work piece to produce an arc. Some amount of flux is added in produced arc and it melts with heat of arc. The electrical arc is stopped when a sufficient amount of molten flux or slag is produced. Then electrical current is passed through the molten pool of slag. The molten slag is sufficient to melt the filler metal and work piece, because it contains temperature about 16000C-19000C . The electrode melts and fused also base metal, the melted metal deposited in beneath of the joint. It is slowly solidify and produce a weld bead. Thus the electro slag welding is a progressive process of melting and solidification from the bottom to upward.

The molten flux is also shielded the weld metal, which protects from atmospheric harmful gases. There are no need to providing continuously in welding zone. It reduce impurity of molten metal as a slag.


Electro slag welding principle diagram

Electro slag welding advantages:


It has major advantage is, it can be welding the work piece thickness up-to 45 cm. with easily and more economically to other types of welding process.

It has no need to special weld joint edge preparation.

In the time of electro slag welding the arc is invisible, so this welding process gives spatter free welding joint.

Welding is in the flat and overhead positions is also possible with this technique and equipment.

Aluminium or other special steels can also be welded in successfully.

Electro slag welding applications:


Many range of alloy materials can be weld successfully.

Heavy plate thickness of butt joint welding.




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Electro slag welding process

Principle of Electro slag weld

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